Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I SHALL return.... Someday.

Ok, I know I've been outta touch lately. Don't worry, I'm BETTER THAN EVER! Been going through a tense divorce for the past two years. UGH!! After 33 years, I figured it was time to stop kidding myself that it would ever get better and get the heck out. My fault for marrying WAY too young as a teenager. Still in the courts over property settlement. Call me crazy but I thought I'd be deserving of half the house in this "Community Property" state of California. Yet, she wants it all. Huh??!! So, hopefully we'll stop making the lawyers richer and get this thing done soon.

I DID find my fantasy gal and got married on 11/11/11 in Vegas and everything is all good now.

As soon as I know what my financial future is, I hope to get back in the saddle to begin thinking about doing another "508" maybe in 2013. We'll see. I just can't get a steady mindset right now with my whole financial life up in the air, and outta my control.

So, enough whining. I have been riding just a bit, however my new bride, Marsha keeps pulling me back in bed multiple times a day, so I'm not getting in all the riding I should. (GOD, I love her.) Please forgive me! ;-)

I still think about my three 508's daily and hope to get the "fire inside" again soon to commit to doing it again.

Take care and keep riding!!


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